Momo the panda

About the Author

Since she first began writing her own comics at age 5, Averie has been incredibly passionate about drawing. She created her own original characters, such as Chicken-Man, Bunny-Man, and others, after reading “Dog-Man,” who served as inspiration. As she got older, her imagination grew, and she shared Momo the Panda with the world, along with some intriguing tales to go with her illustrations. A passionate artist, Averie also has a soft spot for chickens and bunnies, among other animals. She has a cute rabbit and four chickens that produce fresh eggs daily as pets. She enjoys a range of fun-filled activities to keep herself occupied in her own time, including reading, skiing, playing the guitar, and fishing. She usually spends her free time writing comic books or drawing when she’s not engaged in those activities.

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Books have a significant impact on a child’s development. They provide children an avenue to learn, explore, and experience new worlds beyond their immediate environment. Reading books can positively affect a child’s intellectual, emotional, and social development.

There’s no denying that most children have vivid and even an overactive imagination. The pictures and visuals they create in their heads allow them to skillfully create playful scenarios and spend hours building castles and fighting dragons in their room.

What The Readers Think

Sarah S

“Momo the Panda is an adorable and heartwarming children’s book! My kids couldn’t get enough of Momo’s charming personality and adorable illustrations. Highly recommended!”

Susan B

“Averie Zhang has created a lovable character in Momo the Panda. Momo’s imaginative journeys enchanted my child and he couldn’t help but fall in love with the adorable Panda. This book is definitely a must-have for any children’s bookshelf.”

Lucy M

“Momo the Panda by Averie Zhang is a true gem. The illustrations are simply stunning, capturing the essence of Momo’s world in vivid detail. This book is a joy to read aloud and a favorite in our household.”

Josh J

“I can’t praise Momo the Panda enough! Averie Zhang’s artistic talent shines through on every page, bringing Momo’s adventures to life. It’s a wonderful book that sparks imagination and leaves a lasting impression. We can’t wait for more from Averie Zhang!”

Carl G

“Momo the Panda is a delightful children’s book that both kids and parents will adore. The stories are engaging and teach important values like kindness and perseverance. Momo the Panda is a must-read for any young reader, and it’s sure to become a beloved favorite in no time!”-

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Momo the Panda is now available on iBooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Averie Zhang, a passionate artist and writer, began writing her comics at age 5. She has created her children’s comic book, Momo the Panda, inspired by her reads.

Momo the Panda is a delightful children’s book written by Averie Zhang. The story follows Momo, a young and adventurous panda living in a bamboo forest with his family. The book is illustrated with colorful and detailed images that bring the characters and setting to life.

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